If i could grasp oxygen, Have it lay in my palm And tear it straight to its core To get a mere peek of What the future has laid Upon its own palms, then Perhaps my anxiety May subdue and succumb To its mortal enemy; Peace. (LS)


And here i am Where i’d known i’d be Clutching my bloody wound Knowing it’d be me I gave you the gun With a pair of shaky hands and an unclear mind- You shot me, You shot me, You shot me. – 12/05/18 1:15 a.m. (LS)


You make me feel alive In ways, they never Did. Am I a bad, person – for wanting you Instead? (LS)


I miss the sunshine on my skin The warmth and blanketed Feelings of comfort. Times of clarity and peace Have escaped me. I miss the sunshine On my skin. (LS)

Day 2

It was day 2 when it hit me Like a stack of bricks on concrete The tan skinned arm The beard and that smile The world in its entirety stopped And it was just me and absent you A long lingering stare and youre gone My heart sank. Its been a daze without you It … More Day 2

The Vase

Tall, pridefully stood- Sway with the breezes Do they know what it feels like To be broken by another Once loved? Leaves, gracious and smooth Dewy and vibrant Lusciously swaying with the breezes Do they know about the killer That lives in their very own veins? Roots? Uprooted. Pulled away But pridefully stood, still alive … More The Vase