If i could grasp oxygen, Have it lay in my palm And tear it straight to its core To get a mere peek of What the future has laid Upon its own palms, then Perhaps my anxiety May subdue and succumb To its mortal enemy; Peace. (LS)


I write to you. You may not know it or are even aware of it but i do. I sit on my desk and spin in my chair attempting to stitch a sentence together for you. I prick my fingers and continue as blood seeps through the pages of my journal. I love the way … More Letters


My car drives down dactylic, dappled roads Warm and friendly are they in sync with ocean breezes. My car swirls around routes so frequently taken hiking with nature searching for havens. The days are charming like the prince but onyx hazes; they remain to stay no matter how many times I check the weather forecast … More Routes